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Chronographe à sonnerie
No. de style : SND857
Prix suggéré : 650$

Chronographe enregistre jusqu'à concurrence de 12 heures en 1/20e secondes
8 diamants
Cadran nacré
Courroie en satin et cuir véritable
Boitier en acier inoxydable
Couronne à vis Couvercle du boitier vissé


Une montre est le rappel le plus constant et le plus populaire qu'une entreprise puisse donner en reconnaissance à ses membres, clients ou employés. Elle récompense une réalisation gagnée ou méritée. Elle permet de fournir un incitatif supplémentaire pour avoir fait un effort de plus et faire partie de l'équipe. Année après année, SEIKO a fourni la continuité de styles et de points de prix dont vous avez besoin afin que votre programme d'incitatifs et de prix soit un succès pour tous. Nos experts de programme de primes et d'incitatifs collaboreront avec vous pour s'assurer que vous choisissez la bonne montre ou la bonne horloge, à la fois pour refléter l'image que vous désirez projeter et correspondre à vos exigences budgétaires. Tout comme nous pouvons personnaliser n'importe quelle montre ou horloge, nous pouvons personnaliser également un programme spécialement pour vous.

A watch is the most popular and constant reminder an organization can give to recognize its members, customers, or employees. It recognizes an achievement earned or merited. It can help to provide an additional incentive to go that extra mile and be part of the team. Year after year, SEIKO has supplied the continuity of styles and price points you need to make your incentive and awards program a success for everyone. Our premium and incentives program experts will work with you to ensure that the right watch or clock is selected, both to reflect the image you want as well as to meet your budgetary requirements. Just as we can personalize any timepiece, we can customize a program expressly for you.




Perpetual calendar automatically adjusts for odd and even months,
including leap years up to February 28, 2100.
Calendar indicates date and can also indicate month.
Second hand can indicate number of years since last leap year.
Highly accurate with a yearly loss/gain rate of less than 20 seconds.
Water-tested up to 100 meters. Magnified date window.
Double locking clasp. Battery life of approximately 10 years.md008.jpg (45907 bytes)

Chronograph records elapsed time up to 6
hours in 1/5 seconds.
Tachymeter timer. Alarm.
Water-tested up to 200 meters.
Instant-setting date calendar.
Unidirectional rotating elapsed timing
Screw-type locking crown.
LumiBrite® hands and markers.
Double locking clasp.




dwe77.jpg (6270 bytes)ke140.jpg (40264 bytes)

ks053.jpg (23138 bytes)ks129.jpg (23590 bytes)

To confirm the degree of water resistance of your Seiko watch, and the recommended conditions of use, please check the marking on the back of your watch case and refer to the following table.

Marking on Case Water Resistance Accidental Splashes and Contact with Rain Swimming, Yachting, Taking a Shower. Bathing and Shallow Diving Scuba Diving Saturation Diving
Non Water-resistant
3BAR X        
Mark 1 5BAR X X
Mark 2 10BAR X X X    
Mark 2 15BAR X X X
Mark 2 20BAR X X X    
Mark 3 Diver's Watch 200 Meters X X X X
Mark 3 Professional Diver's Watch 1,000 Meters X X X X X

SEIKO believes that the best way for you to select and purchase a SEIKO watch is at bijouterie le roy authorized retail store. you will

 be sure to find the latest SEIKO collection, and be sure that your new watch bracelet will be sized and fitted correctly.


SEIKO, therefore, recommends that you do not purchase a SEIKO watch through any website,

 unless it is an authorized SEIKO dealer with the same emblem "SEIKO AUTHORISED DEALER SITE"

as appears here on this home page, and it has its own retail premises that you can visit.


We are the SEIKO Authorized Dealer and assure you safe and pleasant shopping here at our website as if you were at our retail premises you can visit.



Some non-authorized sites sell counterfeit or second-hand watches, or watches that have been tampered with, and are, therefore, not eligible for care under the SEIKO warranty. Others do not offer the original SEIKO international warranty, nor do they offer any after-sales service of any kind.


SEIKO takes great care to ensure that our SEIKO authorized dealers offer you the very best products and service. Please take advantage of the peace-of-mind that only they can offer to SEIKO purchasers.


Unauthorized copies or reproductions of any articles, photographs, or moving images on this site are strictly prohibited. Please note that SEIKO cannot be held responsible for any claim or promise made on external sites or elsewhere by individuals or organizations other than SEIKO Watch Corporation.


prix de détails suggérés; escomptes en magasin;

suggested retail prices; discount in store:


STYLE Retail STYLE Retail STYLE Retail
SFP608 239.00 SNA695 415.00 SRZ372 440.00
SFQ828 249.00 SNA696 450.00 SUJ703 295.00
SFQ830 249.00 SNAA61 425.00 SUJ704 295.00
SFQ833 375.00 SNAA99 550.00 SUJ708 395.00
SFQ834 395.00 SNAB37 450.00 SUJD52 295.00
SGEC68 350.00 SNAB45 595.00 SUJE19 325.00
SGED98 395.00 SNAB51 595.00 SUJE69 325.00
SGEE02 395.00 SNAB67 595.00 SUJE72 325.00
SGEE38 395.00 SNAB77 550.00 SUJE79 650.00
SGEE40 395.00 SNAB89 695.00 SUJE85 450.00
SGEE49 375.00 SNAB93 750.00 SUJE89 350.00
SGEE59 450.00 SNAB95 595.00 SUJF01 450.00
SGEE62 495.00 SNAC23 550.00 SUJF09 650.00
SGEE64 595.00 SNAC36 550.00 SUJF12 355.00
SGG599 320.00 SNAC38 550.00 SUJF15 355.00
SGG601 320.00 SNAD05 650.00 SUJF24 350.00
SGG733 425.00 SNAD06 675.00 SUJF26 350.00
SGN014 395.00 SNAD08 695.00 SUJF29 495.00
SKA264 450.00 SNAD37 595.00 SUJF31 465.00
SKA267 375.00 SNAD47 575.00 SUJF32 495.00
SKA333 525.00 SNAD55 595.00 SUJF37 375.00
SKA349 440.00 SND419 475.00 SUJF45 365.00
SKA351 440.00 SND550 475.00 SUJF59 345.00
SKA369 595.00 SND553 280.00 SUJF60 375.00
SKA379 450.00 SND555 280.00 SUJF62 395.00
SKA383 625.00 SND671 350.00 SUJF75 295.00
SKA399 650.00 SND699 375.00 SUJF76 340.00
SKA401 575.00 SND701 375.00 SUJF78 340.00
SKA404 595.00 SND779 375.00 SUJF81 450.00
SKA411 575.00 SND799 395.00 SUJF82 525.00
SKA413 575.00 SNDA03 425.00 SUJF85 395.00
SKA423 680.00 SNDA15 595.00 SUJF87 395.00
SKA425 650.00 SNDA83 375.00 SUJF89 425.00
SKA427 575.00 SNDZ66 425.00 SUJG05 325.00
SKA429 525.00 SNDZ96 450.00 SUJG06 375.00
SKA438 650.00 SNDZ98 450.00 SXA115 425.00
SKA440 650.00 SNJ009 550.00 SXB413 475.00
SKA443 650.00 SNKF07 375.00 SXD781 340.00
SKA445 595.00 SNKF11 350.00 SXD784 340.00
SKH677 575.00 SNL053 895.00 SXDA02 450.00
SKK638 450.00 SNM035 595.00 SXDA44 550.00
SKK666 375.00 SNM037 550.00 SXDA71 350.00
SKK668 395.00 SNN021 325.00 SXDA72 375.00
SKK677 375.00 SNN153 350.00 SXDA74 395.00
SKK679 395.00 SNN197 385.00 SXDA90 395.00
SKK690 495.00 SNN203 350.00 SXDA94 425.00
SKK696 269.00 SNQ007 325.00 SXDB05 525.00
SKK700 269.00 SNQ045 450.00 SXDB08 525.00
SKP313 395.00 SNQ075 395.00 SXDB18 495.00
SKP316 425.00 SNQ076 425.00 SXDB45 450.00
SKP319 695.00 SNQ085 495.00 SXDB48 495.00
SKP325 450.00 SNQ089 595.00 SXDB50 595.00
SKP337 695.00 SNT001 495.00 SXDB51 625.00
SKP341 495.00 SPC014 650.00 SXDB52 650.00
SKP353 475.00 SPC043 650.00 SXDB56 575.00
SKP356 575.00 SPQ013 395.00 SXDB76 525.00
SKX007 495.00 SRK008 350.00 SXGN46 375.00
SKZ223 575.00 SRK012 465.00 SXGN48 395.00
SKZ229 595.00 SRK015 350.00 SXGN56 239.00
SKZ251 550.00 SRK017 395.00 SZZC40 395.00
SKZ251B 595.00 SRK018 425.00 SZZC42 395.00
SMY091 375.00 SRL007 475.00 SZZC44 395.00
SMY105 525.00 SRL008 450.00 SZZC53 475.00
SNA411 595.00 SRP022 595.00 SZZC54 525.00
SNA525 595.00 SRP027 575.00
SNA671 425.00 SRZ371 495.00



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